CHEF101: The Battleaxe Grill Brush

Official Grill Brush of:

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What's the buzz?

"I just came home from Home Hardware. I noticed your Chef Felton Brushes are made in Canada. I must say how refreshing not to see made in China. I hope to enjoy this BBQ brush for years to come." 

- Lloyd

Wow! These brushes are amazing! Having been in the BBQ industry for 10+ years, I have tried and tested many tools however, these brushes are the bomb.  They are safe and excellent for scrubbing those pesky grills.

- Nile

"When I heard about the natural fiber grill brush, I was very sceptical. When I tried it out at home, I couldn't believe how effective it was. This is the only brush I will use from now on."

- Bruce

"I received a Chef Felton brush as a gift. I thought it was cool that it was made in Canada.  I like that this brush will not lose its bristles. Now I don't have to worry when my grand kids visit in the summer.